Essay on Gran Torino, By Walt Kowalski

1287 Words Nov 17th, 2015 null Page
In Gran Torino, there are many occasions that the Hmong community experience in the Michigan. Gang activity and violence is one the major conflicts that the Hmong community experience. The Hmong gang harasses and promotes violence and theft towards the community. The Hmong also experience an absence of masculine figures. The absence of masculine figures contributes to the Hmong community being helpless and juvenile. Walt Kowalski becomes the outlet masculine figure of the Hmong Lor family. The Hmong community also experiences cultural events like the Hmong cookout, which involves food and customs in which Walt Kowalski gets introduced to. When it comes to rendering the contemporary immigrant experience, Gran Torino is extremist and stereotypical. Stereotyping and having extreme views of the Hmong community makes Gran Torino an inaccurate perspective of contemporary immigrant experience in the United States.
One of the major experiences that is portrayed throughout Gran Torino is gang activity and violence. The Hmong gang invades the Lor family’s home on whenever they want. When the Lor family or any individual in the Hmong community don’t do what they say the Hmong gang resort to violence. The Hmong community experiences being suppressed and having to hide in their homes to avoid the Hmong gang violence. Because the Hmong community cannot do anything against the demands of the Hmong gang, people end up being forced to do actions against their will. There are also some cases…

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