Graffiti Subculture Essay

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Female artists Young female artists have participated in graffiti from its earliest days, but have always been the minority. In graffiti art culture, woman face many obstacles not encountered by men. The late hours and desolate locations in which most writing is done can be particularly dangerous for women. As with many male-dominated fields, the social atmosphere can be extremely harsh. Female artists are subjected to harassment and often feel that they must do more to prove themselves in the graffiti culture.

Fills Graffiti that has a solid fill, usually in one color with no outline. A fill is also the interior base color of a piece.

Form Some consider large-scale pieces the pinnacle of all graffiti forms. With these forms, artists
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By the late sixties and seventies, graffiti began to flourish in New York in Washington Heights, Brooklyn, and the Bronx. During this period most of the subway cars were covered in top-to-bottom graffiti pieces and tags, which made it impossible for riders to see out the window. The growth of graffiti in New York City was aided by its subway system, whose accessibility and interconnectedness facilitated the rise of a community of subway graffiti artists. It was also aided by the budgetary restraints on the City, which limited its ability to remove graffiti and perform transit maintenance. Mayor John Lindsay declared the first war on graffiti in 1972, but it took many years before the City was able, and willing, to dedicate enough resources to start impacting the growing …show more content…
This was a time of immense social, economic and racial oppression for those living in areas such as the Bronx, Bedford Stuyvesant and Harlem. Hip-hop culture began as a response to these city policies and was an outlet for people, especially the youth, to express their anger at the prejudiced city government. Hip-hop was characterized by rap (the spoken word), graffiti (the written word) and “breaking”

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