Graduation Speech : The Road For The Service Requirement Of The Green Certificate

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The first event I attended was the Causeway Classic Blood Drive for the service requirement for the Green Certificate. I tried to give blood since I have donated before without a problem and I was hoping it was going to be quick. My thought of it being quick was wrong. I had waited over an hour to attempt to give blood and in the end I could not give blood. I ran into troubles while I was being checked for my blood pressure. At first I was told that she could not hear the blood pressure at all. Once she could finally check it my blood pressure was high. I had to wait another five minutes before she would check again. During the second attempt I failed again with a even higher blood pressure than before so I was told I couldn 't give blood.
My second event was for the professional development requirement and I went to the “How to Win at Life “ event. This event was a surprisingly enjoyable one. For the first station I got to choose a card with a career that went with my major. On that card it listed a years salary, which I would use for the game. Going from station to station I got to choose life choices such as living arrangements, cars, saving, student loans, and miscellaneous spending. These costs would start building on top of each other. At the tax station though there were no choice I had to add the tax in. In the end we got to spin a wheel that would either give us money like winning an award or we lost money with unexpected costs. Once it was all over I added up…

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