Graduation Speech : My Future Essays

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My future Due to My Class
In the society, there are the division between people. They call each individual division class. The class stratification is a form of social stratification. These class division members have their own access to resources and power. Through the life, the high class people try to maintain their position, and the low class people strive for a better living quality by getting a higher class. Each people always has a great effort into changing their living to be good. However, the chances in real life in the society are different for each class member. Social class impacts lives.
I was born and grow up in Vietnam. Luckily, after graduating high school back in Vietnam, I had a chance to go study abroad in the United States of America. Relative to Americans, my occupation is dropped into the middle class category. My current education is the associate degree, obtaining from Houston Community College leads me to the upper middle class in the education category. The income is my lowest category. I only made around $10,000 per year and fall in the bottom fifth class. Right now, my first priority is getting the Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. The work load in engineering degree is quite high which does not allow me to have time to work without affecting my studying. Therefore, I only work in the summer. That is the reason why my income is at the bottom. Lastly, most of my wealth is getting from my parents. I am in the lower middle class in the…

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