Essay Graduation Speech : High School

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When people think about graduation, whether it be eighth grade, high school, or college, it’s normally one of the best moments of their life. They’ve just accomplished a huge feat in their life, which is cause for a celebration. They are one step closer to achieving the ultimate goal they have set for themselves and are also maturing through the stages of life, gaining more responsibilities that will eventually shape them into well-rounded adults. However, this wasn’t the case for my eight grade graduation. When I realized that graduation was coming up I, like every other eighth grader in the school, was extremely excited and ready for what was supposed to be one of the greatest moments in my life, but it wasn’t. Far from it actually, the week before my graduate date, which was on May 17, my aunt Tasha had passed away.

On Monday, May 14, it was a week before my graduation and I was calling all of my family to see who was going to come. I called my dad, my aunts, grandparents, on his side of the family and found out that they couldn’t make it up here, which was extremely disappointing, but I got over it quickly because I only had 10 tickets. Then, I called my mom’s side of the family to see who would come and I get to my aunt Tasha. Because I was in the car with my mom going to get food, I texted her. I told her that I was inducting in the National Honor Society and that I was graduating on the 24th and I wanted her to be there. Her response was, “I’m so proud of you. The…

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