Government Contract Law Essay

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Code of Conduct Assessment April 24, 2016

LEG: 505 Government Contract Law Assignment 1 A company’s reputation is vital when it comes to creating a successful business, and the majority of business a company receives is based on how the company displays their ethics. It is one of the most important aspects of business, and determines the longevity of a business. When building a business, it is said that loyalty is key. If the customers or clients a company receives are extremely loyal, it is usually converted into free publicity. Many customers will continue to give their business to a company that they feel have strong ethical codes, which is why ethics is so important in
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A ton of information travels through a company’s server, which is why code of conduct is so vital amongst all parties involved. Raytheon is a company that provides technologically advanced mission systems integration and other capabilities in the areas of sensing; effects; and command, control, communications and intelligence systems. They pride themselves on creating innovative products, and dedicate themselves to maintaining a reputation built on ethics. Their ethical value has a lot to do with the structure and detail of their Code of Conduct, which details every possible situation that can take place within the business. It is safe to say that the importance of their company calls for a much defined structure and organization, which is presented within the code of conduct. Thomas A. Kennedy describes the company’s code of conduct as “the cornerstone of our Ethics program and is grounded in our shared Company Values.” He holds each employee, as well as himself, to a higher standard stating that “We are each accountable for aligning our conduct with the Code as stewards of Raytheon’s reputation for ethical business behavior.” The fact that the CEO holds himself accountable with upholding Raytheon’s Core Values, and places this accountability on display only further solidifies why this company is known for its strong ethical values. Raytheon’s Code of Conduct is very well structured, and separates all

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