Government Based School Nutrition Guidelines Essay

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Government based school nutrition guidelines have the basis by many that the guidelines combat obesity in children by providing healthier foods and health food environments. This however is not a given, as people oppose that basis and state that the nutrition guidelines actually work to make kids more obese themselves. Others state that not enough information is available to assess the validity that school nutrition guidelines make children less obese. Many do agree with the claim that the school nutrition programs to combat obesity. Some even claim that even an increase in guideline and healthy eating education would help to combat obesity in children further. This paper will analyzes article and journals to see if the claim holds true, is completely baseless, or if other things lead to differing conclusions in people.
The source by Louise C. Mâsse et. al. discusses how schools with easier access to junk food leads to higher rates of childhood obesity as compared to other schools with less access. The source measured obesity and junk food consumption in children aged from six to seventeen in Canada. Mâsse states that “In Canada, there is limited data describing the school food environment, but a recent study from British Columbia (BC) reported that junk foods (e.g., pop, cookies, chips, candies) were widely available in middle and high schools through vending machines, cafeterias, tuck shops, and school fundraisers.” (2). This shows that junk food is easily available to…

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