Essay on Gothic Features Of Gothic Motifs

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In the gothic novel Dracula there are many gothic motifs. Gothic motifs are images that show up in other gothic stories. For example, in most gothic stories there are stormy nights, full moons, spooky castles, wolves, bats, horses and carriages, cobwebs, etc. From Dracula, the four things that show up most in other stories are the spooky castle, the stormy nights, blood, and carriage rides.
The first motif noticed in Dracula is the carriage ride in the evening. This shows up in other gothic stories such as Frankenstein. This carriage ride started out as a beautiful ride through the Transylvanian countryside. As the evening approached events started to turn. The carriage began to descend into the forest, the horses started to proceed at a faster rate, and strange things began to happen. Harker heard wolves beginning to howl in the night as snow began to fall. Jonathan then began to notice the flicker of a blue flame. The carriage driver began to mark the places where the blue flame appeared. Then Jonathan noticed that the driver of the carriage was almost see through. When the horses got so nervous that they could not proceed and the wolves came out Jonathan was frozen with fear. This makes things more creepy than before.
I think that Stoker used this motif because carriage rides in the woods, during the evening, are frightening. This event sets up what is going to happen in the rest of the novel. It sets the mood that something bad is going to happen by the strange events…

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