Gothic Elements Of The Novel ' Wuthering Heights ' And ' Frankenstein '

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Novels can have various genres. There are romantic novels, thrillers, fiction, mystery, adventure, gothic, and more. Genres can be combined to create a genre with a ‘twist’, like a romantic mystery novel for example, the possibilities are nearly endless. Overall, when looking at the five novels read over the term, there is a clear trend with the novels genres. The majority of novels read were some kind of Gothic novel: Romantic Gothic, Horror Gothic, etc. Three main Gothic novels from the term are Dracula by Bram Stoker, Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, and Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. All of the three novels listed above can be analyzed for their Gothic elements, such as terror, gloomy castle setting, madness, death, decay, supernatural, mystery, and so on. First, when looking at Dracula there are multiple elements of a Gothic novel. You can notice that there is mysterious suspenseful feeling in the book. Immediately questioning the novel on why Mr. Harker is going to Dracula’s castle, and why he didn’t listen to the woman that warned him. Why did the woman warn him? What’s so mad about this ‘Count Dracula’? The setting for the first five chapters and the last chapter of the novel is in Dracula’s gloomy, dark ruined castle with secret passages and secret rooms (Reid, 2013). On the way to the castle, Harker sees a mysterious blue flicker in the middle on the woods with no explanation. While Jonathan Harker stayed with Dracula, one morning while he was shaving he…

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