Google and Taiwanese Government at Odds over Android Market Refund

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COM 558: Opinion Paper Google and Taiwanese government at odds over Android Market refund Background The Android Market Team of Google issued an important change to paid apps in Taiwan On June 28, 2011. Recently, the Taipei City Government announced that mobile app stores--including Android Market--would be required to provide a seven day refund window for all paid apps. Therefore, we wanted to let you know that we are suspending paid apps in Taiwan while we continue to discuss this issue with the Taipei City Government. (Open letter to consumers from The Android Market Team of Google) What happened was Smartphone users in Taipei city had complained that they were unable to claim a refund if they downloaded and feel unsatisfied about it. …show more content…

City Government officials have given Google another two weeks to deliberate its decision, allowing Google Taiwan to communicate with the headquarter to resolve the issue amicably. It turned out that Google refused to follow the Act and suspended all the paid apps without warning. Thus, Taipei city found Google $34,480 for Consumer Protection Act violation. The city government said the suspension was a move to “coerce Taiwanese consumers into giving up their rights”. According to a report on the website of, On January, 2013, Taipei High Administrative Court last week decided to revoke the case, saying the city government shouldn't interfere in a dispute between a firm and consumers. The progress is still ongoing. Support and Oppose Arguments Purchasing apps for mobile devices is a trend that has only recently emerged in Taiwan. This study is going to examine the controversy of Taiwan’s Consumer Protection Act applied to digital content products, proper apps refunding consideration time, influences of Google suspension on app developers and provide suggestions. People who support the Taipei city government consider that The Consumer Protection Act requires a free-trial period of at least seven days for items purchased is reasonable. Supporters compared apps as personal computer software since some

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