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Journal of Social Sciences 6 (1): 99-112, 2010 ISSN 1549-3652 © 2010 Science Publications

Cultural Issues in the Business World: An Anthropological Perspective
Michael P. Lillis and Robert Guang Tian Department of Business, Medaille College, New York
Abstract: The significance of cultural influence on business has been widely recognized in both academic and business circles. A number of authors suggest that an anthropological approach is the most appropriate way to study cultural factors and assess their impact on an organizational environment. This investigation draws attention to several important cultural issues in business utilizing an anthropological perspective. It probes the relationship between culture and human behavior,
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In this study we will focus on discussion of cultural issues in the business world. After this short introduction we first present an anthropological approach to culture studies, followed by a discussion of the relationship between culture and human behavior, then a discussion of the relationship between culture

Corresponding Author: Robert Guang Tian, Department of Business, Medaille College, New York

J. Social Sci., 6 (1): 99-112, 2010 and organization behavior and finally we will probe the various effective means to manage the cultural difference in business practice. Anthropological approach to culture: For anthropologists, culture is the integrated system of socially acquired values, beliefs and rules of conduct which delimit the range of accepted behaviors in any given society. Cultural differences distinguish societies from one another. One of the first anthropological definitions of the term was given by Sir Tylor (1974) in the late 19th century. By Kroeber and Kluckhohn (1952) had cataloged 164 different definitions of the word. In anthropology, the nature of culture is consisted of various ingredients or components, such as norms, customs, mores, conventions, language, religion and so on. Each of these ingredients or components plays an equally important role in determining the nature and values of a particular culture. According to Perraro, the science of anthropology attempts to document the great variations in cultural forms while

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