Google and the Rise of the Internet Essay

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Executive Summary / Introduction
Google Inc (Google) is the world leader in internet searches. By 2007 63% of internet searches were through Google, surpassing other search engines such as Yahoo and Microsoft MSN. Goggle has also developed web based tools such maps, toolbars, G-Mail and acquired the popular you Tube. After dominating the web search industry since its search engine was introduction in 1998, however, Google has attracted many competitors who try to provide millions of users worldwide with similar services. Many believe that there is room for competition and as a result, Yahoo!, and Microsoft MSN are fostering partnerships with smaller technology companies and making significant capital investments in order to
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Google was in a position of rapid and exponentially high growth. By this time, Google had grown to into an international company, with offices it at least 6 different countries, with almost 60 different languages being supported. During the years, they also acquired small software companies in order to advance web based applications some of which were developed by companies they had bought out. Google’s advantage came from the extensive hardware and employee force. Smaller companies cannot compete; Google had the man power and the technology.
The IPO offering as well as the increased revenue allow Google to develop and support web based applications. While some failed (Google Romance Goggle Finance and Froogle) other such as Google maps and Gmail prospered. Google began to take on the large competitor Microsoft when they developed Google Desktop which would rival Microsoft’s office suite.
However, Google was not allowed to completely be without competition. After a slow reaction, Yahoo and Microsoft began to invest in hardware and software companies. Small technology companies were looking for partners and increase their share of the web. While Google entered in to partnerships so did their competitors. Google, even at the early stages of success, was being questioned on their commitment to the search engine as focus of their company. There were more applications failures than successes which were perceived as a young company

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