Essay about Google : A Business Company

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The company in which I wish to work is Google. According to Fortune 500, Google has been on their top 50 list of the best companies at least ten years straight. Google is a diversified company and they will hire whoever is best qualified for the job. Google is a multifaceted business that deals in more than just search engines. Google has a parent company (Alphabet) that has now surpassed Apple in reference to earnings. Alphabet is currently valued at over $560 billion and shares sell for $810.00 each (0). Alphabet has achieved massive growths through for the interest in artificial intelligence and one day they wish to have self-driving cars. Alphabet is a holding company of google that includes well know apps such as YouTube, Maps, Chromecast, and Nexus ( ). Any company and especially one as large as Google, should have a sound financial strategy. In fact, if Google did not have a well-structured budget, they would not be able to properly manage their investments. An outcome such as this will possibly trigger problems with the profits, accountably, assets and liabilities. Properly maintaining budgets and tracking the expenditures of each department is essential to the success of a company. Another reason Google needs to maintain and prepare a budget, is because this helps them to identify company weaknesses, provide a road map for improvement and help to analyze their financial situation, which in turn will…

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