Goodyear Tire Classification Research

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Tire classification is based on the tire’s construction and features. Radial tires feature transverse radial plies that lay perpendicular to the direction of travel. In this way the tire gives you a softer and comfortable ride, and there is less heat build up. Radial tires are made with the plies set radially which gives them more flexible tire walls. They have threads that protect the interior and provide high grip to the road. Ply cord is the main body of the tire, which holds the inflation pressure and withstands road and road shocks. Radial tires will offer you a number of benefits. These tires have flexible walls, which provide high grip on the road, allowing you to have a comfortable ride by absorbing road shocks and providing better …show more content…
They provide great performance and handling. They offer you a very smooth and comfortable ride with very low road noise, and exceptional road surface grip in all driving conditions, including downpours, snow storms, and sunny, dry or hot weather. These tires ride smoothly and comfortably, look good, have deep tread that provides an exceptional all year round performance and handling. The Goodyear Eagle Radial Tire weighs 25.7 pounds, and has a load capacity of 1815 pounds. It has a section width of 235mm, aspect ratio of 45 and a rim diameter of 18 inches.

2. Milestar Sport All Season Radial Tire

Tire size- 225/45R18 95V.
This Nankang Tire made tires are designed for use with sedans and sport coupes. They are good quality tires that handle well in all weather conditions, including high temperature, downpours, snowstorms, dirty roads and sunny weather. These tires look good, have deep tread, and offer a comfortable ride. They have a section width of 225mm, aspect ratio of 45 and rim diameter of 18 inches. Weighing 23 pounds, they have a maximum load capacity of 1834 pounds.

1. Goodyear Eagle RS-A Radial Tire

Tire size-205/55R16

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