Good Will Hunting Focus Questions Essay

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Good Will Hunting focus questions

1. Will Hunting is a complex character, emotionally distraught and confused and above all completely insecure. The abuse he suffered as a child hardened him against the world and taught him to always be suspicious of those who try to get too close to him. When considering a new relationship or opportunity he focusses on any possible negativity that can come of it in the future and becomes discouraged from trying. His pessimism, sarcasm, and arrogance are a series of weak front that he builds in order to cover up the fact that he’s constantly struggling with his own identity. He has a gift for mathematics and works as a janitor at MIT. He also enjoys solving complex equations that are posed as extra credit for MIT students.

2. He never had any stable relationships when he was a child, he was abused by his father, and he was forced to move between multiple foster homes. These experiences negatively impacted his behavioural and thinking patterns. He never learnt how to form and keep a healthy relationship and that is why he still doesn’t know how to. He feels that he can’t trust anyone because he was abandoned by the people who were supposed to love and care for him.

3. The main defense strategy he employs is emphasizing what he thinks are his negative qualities. He gets angry easily whenever he doesn’t like someone or has a disagreement. When he gets a new opportunity or a chance to form a new relationship, he constantly makes…

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