`` Good People `` By David Foster Wallace Essay

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Would you find a struggle with your own self if what you believe and what was instilled in you from teachings suddenly became hanging in the balances between what is right or wrong? If one ultimate decision could affect your faith and life forever, how easily could you make your decision? In David Foster Wallace 's short story, "Good People", Lane A. Dean Jr. and Sheri Fisher are put to the test with their religious beliefs and what is the right thing to do in their confusing situation. Would having an abortion be just as harmful within your beliefs as living in shame, or vice versa? Or would lying about love to eliminate those two options be just as sinful? "Good People" is a story of the internal struggle between what is right and wrong within the characters ' religious faith and values.

If it wasn 't for Lane and Sheri 's upbringing and values in the Christian faith, I believe their decision of abortion or not would be as drastic. While as even if they weren 't religious they could possibly still have moral objections to having one or not, yet they would not take into account the sinfulness nature of their consequences and options. Their religious affiliations are the pivot point in their struggle with themselves on deciding which choice is the best for themselves, their values, and their ability to accept the effects their choice brings based on those morals set by their religious beliefs. As they have already committed sin for allowing the ability to get pregnant,…

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