Good Faith By Authors David Kinnaman And Gabe Essay

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When a child is born, they are raised under the discernment of their parents and are expected to obey them. However, a child also has the ability to make their own decisions and follow their heart. The inspiring novel Good Faith by authors David Kinnaman and Gabe Lyons enlightened the times when I was growing up as a child. I was raised in a Christian home and had to obey the house rules, but as I became older, I realized that I had the opportunity to make my own decisions and I didn’t have to be a follower of Christ. There were various moments throughout my life in which I felt abandoned, alone, and that God definitely “had it out for me.” However, God transformed my life and helped me realize how desperately I needed Him in my life, and I am blessed that I belong to a family of believers and know that my life is in God’s hands. One crucial theme that I have treasured from the reading of this novel includes loving people despite their sin. When I became a Christian, I had the interpretation that I had to depart myself from this world and refuse to take part in reaching out to anyone that wasn’t a Christian. Well, I was definitely wrong on my part. This idea helped me realize that we are to love everyone in this world despite their flaws and “bumps in the road” because Christ first loved us and He commands us to love our neighbors. Kinnaman and Lyons are extremely motivational and encouraging, and their words have changed my life in so many ways. As I have mentioned before,…

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