Good And Evil : Good Or Evil? Essay

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The discussion about good and evil in relation to capital punishment was particularly striking to me, because I did not before this course think about the perception of good and evil in relation to the Christian, Judaism, and Islam traditions. I had a one-dimensional view of good and evil, because of my Christian background and these different approaches made me think more critically about the nature of good and evil. For example, in Christianity the fall from good to evil is because of Adam and Eve’s original sin. Original sin is transmitted to the rest of humanity going forward so evil is a persisting reality. Sin is present and continues in human life. I have always been familiar with the story of Adam and Eve, but I have never looked at this story in the perspective of a persisting reality explained by Augustine. Augustine explains evil as the perversion of being, where evil is the perversion of goodness or a fundamentally good creation. Any mark of human weakness or frailty is a consequence of the fall of Adam and Eve. In addition, evil is a privation of being, where evil is a “lesser” being of good. Satan is always thought of as a rival to God, but it was striking to me that Augustine explains Satan as God’s rebellious servant. Satan is therefore his original creation that is not good in God’s eye. Satan is a lesser than the great and powerful angel that Satan was first created to be. The two questions that Christianity arose about good and evil forced me to think…

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