Gone Home Is A Narrative Exploration Game By The Company Fullbright

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Gone Home is a narrative exploration game by the company Fullbright that stars Kaitlin Greenbriar returning to her family home after being overseas. Gone Home is often questioned on the complexity of its game play, and is often thought to be more of an interactive story, however it does fulfill the requirements of a game and I will be discussing various game play mechanics in Gone Home such as the different objects and their attributes, rules for game play and the overall design that help to support the narrative, as well as how all of this is used to create an effective story and why this is the best medium for such a story.

I will start by giving the briefest of summaries; the game opens with Kaitlin, who we control in a first person perspective, returning home to a locked house all set in the 90s Their is a note left on the door stating that Same, Kaitlin 's sister, has left and she does not want anyone to know why. The game is then essentially a scavenger hunt for clues, and though the main story follows Sam and her journey through love, the story of their parents and uncle is also told through notes, journals, clues, and even through the environment.

The objects in this game are one of the most important factors. The player looks through various objects to solve the mystery. Objects range from Christmas ducks, to journals, lights, doors. All of which you can interact with. The house is dark and gloomy unless you decide to turn on the light or open a door. Some…

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