Goldenberg & Goldenberg Essay

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Quiz 4 Study Guide

1. A broad view of Skinner’s view of the nature of people is that: a. Children change because people love them b. Children change because of their experiences c. Children change because they can identify their emotions d. Children change because their self-talk is modified

2. Reductionism refers to: e. telescoping actions to the smallest, final source f. telescoping people to their evolutionary continuity g. telescoping people to their primary emotions h. telescoping people to their automatic thoughts

3. Behavioral counseling is an: i. Dream interpretive therapy j. Script analysis therapy k. Active, directive therapy
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Which of the following is a tenet of behavioral theory? a. people are innately good b. human behavior is a product of unconscious drives c. the child of our past is still contained within us d. people are products of their environment 10. According to Skinner, individuals choose behaviors based on which of the following? a. emotions b. fears c. pleasure principle d. anticipated consequences 11. In behavioral counseling the counselor's role is to help clients achieve goals through which of the following? a. insight principles b. reinforcement principles c. psychodynamic principles d. natural principles 12. According to Maslow, a hierarchy of human needs exists. How does Maslow rank these starting with the most basic (lower level needs)? a. self-esteem, self-fulfillment, social, security, physiological b. security, physiological, social, self-esteem, self-fulfillment c. self-fulfillment, social, self-esteem, physiological, security d. physiological, security, social, self-esteem, self-fulfillment 13. Behavior consists of three phases. Which of the following is the correct order of these phases? a. behavior, antecedent, consequence b. antecedent, behavior, consequence c. consequence, behavior, antecedent d. antecedent, consequence, behavior 14. Behavior analysis involves four steps. Which

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