Gold Jewellery Case Study

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1. Do you know that there is a difference in gold coins and jewellery? Some of them actually have more worth when melted down as compared to their counterparts. Members of American Numismatic Association can help you know the difference.
2. Purity of gold jewellery can be tested using an acid/scratch test, an electronic tester, or an X ray fluorescence scan. A Karat stamping may not just be enough to ensure the purity of the jewellery.
3. Do you know that unlike the stocks, the prices of Gold do not fluctuate that sharply? That is why perhaps gold jewellery has been thought to be a true friend in financial hardships.
4. Do you know that Pure Gold is of bright yellow colour and is very soft? The weight of the gold, its karat and the gold spot
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Gold chains were in great fashion in the 1970s. But with time, they are now virtually out of fashion. However, it fetch a good price when you sell them to a Gold buyer.
14. Ever heard about the California Gold rush? It began about when John Marshall discovered gold flakes while constructing a sawmill in Coloma, California. It is estimated that between 40,000 and 300,000 gold diggers came from around the world.
15. Do you know that modern gold medals are covered in 6 grams of gold? However, in earlier Olympic Games, the medals were made of pure gold only.
16. Yellow, white and rose are three colours in which Gold jewellery is available. It is the colour of the metal mixed with gold which influences this colour. For instance yellow gold has usually zinc or nickel mixed in it.
17. Do you know that palladium silver mixed with gold to make jewellery? This gives the Gold its characteristic white colour. Similarly, zinc is added to gold jewellery to give it rose colour.
18. Using a standard kitchen scale to weigh your gold jewelry or coins? Gold is measured using pennyweights. Convert it with this formula: 1.5 grams = 1 pennyweight.
19. Have you noticed that several pieces of your jewellery have fallen out of favor over the years? May be it is the right time to convert your unwanted gold jewelry to
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Remember that stones in your gold jewellery will be handled a bit differently from straight gold jewelry. Estimating the weight of the stones without removing them, a gold buyer can give you a true value of both of them.
21. Have you been looking for that special piece of jewelry? Just because it’s not quite in your price range doesn’t mean you can’t get it. Your old jewelry can be used to help you purchase a new piece.
22. Ancient Egypt considered gold as the skin or flesh of the gods, particularly the Egyptian sun God. The chambers that held the king’s sarcophagus was known as the house of gold.
23. Do you want your old, unwanted, or broken jewelry replaced by the modern one? Purity matters more than the appearance so no matter how your jewelry may look, you can always use it to exchange for new jewellery.
24. Did you know that most of the gold discovered throughout history is still in circulation? However, it is thought that about 80 percent of the gold in the world is still in the ground.
25. Sometimes the easiest thing you can do is to look in your jewelry box, especially when you need a little extra cash. The purity of your gold can be an added advantage during the

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