Knowledge Vs. Augustine's Solution

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For this think out loud assignment I chose question two. The topic of God’s knowledge and Saint Augustine’s solution has puzzled people from the time these ideas were brought forth into the world. These ideas about God are honestly hard for me to debate since I can see how both sides of God having foreknowledge of everything that is still to happen which makes humans not responsible for sin, and humans being at fault for their own sins. I have in past struggled with the idea that Judas went to hell when Jesus already knew that Judas would betrayed him. Why would he suffer when Judas was all part of a divine plan laid out by God to save mankind? I also struggle with the fact that humans are the ones that say what God may be or may not …show more content…
Mankind will probably always struggle with this idea. Many find comfort in the idea because of the idea that everything happens for a reason. God is good and loving so things should always be for the better no matter what happens. This idea that everything happens for a reason backs up the key team of Necessity. There is a necessity of events that happen in alignment for something else to happen, without that one event happening, a future even does not occur. An example of this is that a girl fell and a boy ran to see if she was okay after that they became friendly towards each other and became friends. There is a necessity of events that must play out in everyone’s life in order to live life. God may have knowledge on key events in our lives. I agree that both of Saint Augustine’s ideas are good ways to think of God as all seeing, but that humans still have free will. Knowledge of the future really does not cause someone to do anything by force. We do live and do what we want. God may truly be eternally present from the idea of God always being right there with you in all the good and bad. He is in the moment by the beliefs of the Christian faith. I can only back up Saint Augustine’s ideas as only ideas about who God really is, and what happens to us when we die. Do our right and wrongs in life really add up to eternal reward or punishment? Do we really have free will? Does God see all? Does God really exist? All these questions sum down to believing in God. There is no real hard facts to prove that God exists. Anything that comes close to proving God to exist, or anything on a religious matter is always up for debate. Facts cannot be debated. Saint Augustine went off what he believed and he came up with ideas that made sense to him and to many other people on the matter of God’s foreknowledge, and free will. I can agree with him since this idea’s make sense according to my

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