God Is Not One And Neither Are The Religions Essay

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“God is not one and neither are the religions…” This has been the statement of the modern American Jesus Stephen Prothero and this statement clearly explains the concept of religious pluralism. According to Stephen religious pluralism exists in the society because it actually related to the diversity of religions in the society present all over the world. According to Stephen, the world keeps on changing and new and latest era takes place in the world so the religious aspects face diversity in the form of acceptance of norms, religious claims, truth and social norm which should be fully welcomed. The religious pluralism is widely observed in the United States and that is why the Christianity which is the most followed religion over religious her have been affected. In the start some Christians believed that the religious pluralism is invalid but according to Stephen there are almost the same truth taught in every religion and that is why we should accept religious pluralism in our society. The concept of self-conception also rose which identified different elements of beliefs related to individual thought process. It is believed that the religious pluralism actually gave rise to self-conception because people on individual basis started to think and started to regulated different belief concepts that included elements like gender roles, sexuality and racial identity in any area. (Niebuhr, n.a.)
According to Stephen all the religions are going on one track but people have a…

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