Apollinarianism Essay

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Christology is a term that means the study of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is God in the flesh, who was both fully human and fully God. Jesus Christ’s role to the Christian belief is that he is known for redeeming people of their sins. Christians can interact and learn of the teachings and the works of Jesus through the New Testament. The New Testament gives the accounts of the life of Jesus, so by connecting and learning these works Christians gain an idea of who Jesus is and what he stood for. There are many heresies that come with the study of Jesus Christ. Apollinarianism is the belief that Jesus is less than fully human. This means that God had taken over the human body of Jesus while he walked the Earth, therefore he had no free will and …show more content…
This is the study of the Church in the world. The church is known as being the body and bride of Jesus Christ. The Church has a set of Nicene Marks that should be followed by churchgoers. The first mark is that the Church should be one. This means that the Church should be like the founder, Jesus Christ, be like the source, God, and the soul of the Church, which is the Holy Spirit. In order for the church to establish this oneness they must build unity and relationships of love. The second mark is the Church needs to be holy. In order for the church to remain holy, their social and personal aspects involved with the church must remain sacred. The third mark of the Church is that it must remain catholic. This means that all of the nations churches must come together as a whole in order to represent Christ completely. The final mark is that the Church needs to be Apostolic. This means that the members of the church are called to deliver the good words and make new disciples of people throughout the church and world. These congregations should be like Apostles for the Bible and the works of Jesus Christ. The practice of Ecclesiology comes from the idea of restoring the church to the one that Christians read about in Acts. Christians have to learn that the church is going to fold, but the only way to help the process of changing the church is through continuous prayer and perseverance with their

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