`` Glory `` By John Legend Essay examples

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Music and lyrics have something in common they both have a rhythm,a pace they both go off of sound. Lyrics can appeal to us in more way than one, music has an emotional sense appeals a drive, it just wants you to feel what the lyrics are and it lets you feel the emotions of the kind of song it is. For example, John Legend and Common both produced a song called “Glory”, the lyrics are so touching and truthful about our history, the current times, and how people continue to reach glory, The beat or the music in the back is so calm and serious it makes you feel the sadness. John Legend conveniences people to protest injustice through his song using anger, while using logical explanation through history.
Injustice is something that the blacks disagree with, they want to fight for equality, Legend uses anger to persuade the audience about segregation and injustice.Common and Legend both wrote this song to express to people the anger they have to make one understand how much black people have gone through to get to where they are now. To show the struggles of being black, and how people should understand that equal rights do matter. Lives are being taken because whites think blacks always have weapons on them so they shoot and take innocent lives. Common sings: Justice for all ain’t specific enough. (13) Meaning that people don 't still get the same equality, or treatment because they judge by the skin color and colored people get treated differently than whites. Their skin…

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