Globalization 's Impact On Public Health Essay

1209 Words Mar 17th, 2016 null Page
Globalization’s impact on public health has been both positive and negative at a seemingly equal rate. The “disappearing” of boarders has lead to the sharing of ideas, goods, resources, technology, etc., that have been able to increase the quality of life and ability to combat sickness and disease for the populations of developed countries. Meanwhile non-developed countries have had an increasingly harder time gaining access to these innovations despite the availability of remedies for ailments their members face. This is disparity is especially troubling considering the global spread of disease and other public health issues. The ease of international travel and trade allows for diseases such as AIDS, SARS, and recently Ebola to penetrate the borders of countries others than its origin increasing the rate of transmission. The flow of people, goods, and services globally negatively impacts public not only by enabling the spread of infectious diseases but also by spreading and promoting habits that are a danger to public health such as smoking. With such a negative impact the question is begged on whether the flow of international trade and travel should be reduced. I think the idea of restraining the flow of globalization is not the solution due it’s many positive impacts. Globalization leads to opportunities such as creation of job markets, economic growth, access to ideas and technology, price reductions, etc. So instead of stemming the movement of people, food, and good…

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