Globalization Of The Telecommunication Industry Essay

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Globalization of the telecommunication industry has revolutionized the current industry especially with the widespread of use of technology. These technological developments have further created new markets and systems for handling multi national corporations. Some of the key forms of these advanced technologies are computers, satellites, fiber optics, digital signals, and wireless communications. These rapidly changing technologies are also transforming the policies as well as regulations related to local, national, and global communications.
Major Restrictions of Transborder Data Flow
The most widely accepted definition for transborder data flow is “movements of machine-readable data for processing, storage or retrieval across national boundaries” (CSU-Global, 2015, pg. 1). In the technological based era, the importance of information and data processing cannot be over emphasized. Therefore, it is very essential to pay close attention to the details associated with transborder data flow (TDF). As an outcome, the regulation of TDFs by various means is of increasing concern to many countries as well multinational corporations (MNCs) (Chandran, Phatak, & Sambharya, 1987). Like any other major industry TDF also has been facing endless restrictions, which had been major concern for many MNCs for more than 30 years (CSU-Global, 2015). One of major restriction associated with TDFs is privacy concern. In today’s information driven environment, where almost everything is being…

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