Globalization Of The Indian Ocean Trade And The Afro Euro Asia Connective

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Globalization is the process of communication and interaction of trade with diverse cultures, through global travel and transporting products around the world. This essay will argue that there was a form of archaic globalisation previously, which brought positive impact on most countries in terms of economy, culture and politics. During 1492 there was globalisation, with examples exposed through the Indian Ocean trade and the afro-euro Asia connective. This essay will be reinforced by the following sources Ailliaces, Jose de Acosta and Columbian logbook which will demonstrate the connection through globalisation before 1492.
In 1492 there was two significant events that took place, which were globalisation and modern. Globalisation is the process of communication as mentioned before. Queen Isabella was the queen of Spain, which she made Muslim and Jews convert to catholic religion, or else they would have to be escorted from the country known as Spain. Christopher Columbus discovered America, which then he made it a nation state. Consequently, we live in a world that is modernised with hundreds and thousands of different nation states, reason being why our world is now modernised. The connection of the world with the pre-modern world empires was that the world was driven force which was limited. During this period the world was connected through trade, the Afro-eruo-asia trade was one of the most trades taken through the Indian Ocean. Thus, the afro-euro-Asia trade included…

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