Globalization Of Beauty And Its Effects On Our World Essay

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Globalization of beauty
One would never think that beauty could have anything to do with globalization, but it actually has a big influence on the world more than one would ever imagine. Men and Women of all different shapes, sizes, ethnicities and more have had an influence on their idea of beauty due to mass media. A lot of men and women are advertised to look a certain way throughout all countries. With that being said many countries are losing their cultures and traditions that have been passed on for centuries. As stated in an article called The Globalization of Beauty “…Magazine Cosmopolitan, for example, is published in 36 languages, has 63 international editions, and is distributed in more than 100 countries.” Globalization of beauty is upon us and has been making a negative impact on our world today. “We’re losing bodies as fast as we’re losing languages,” says prominent British psychotherapist Susie Orbach“(The illusionist) this quote was a big attention grabber for me. The fact that our world is losing the traditions having to do with beauty, that originated from different cultures, years before us are now becoming something people will only begin to see and hear about in textbooks. The idea of “individuality” needs to make a better name in this world oppose to the idea who exhibits certain beauty standards. Many different countries around the world are modernizing, “Through advertising and mass media, multibillion-dollar industries (most notably…

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