Globalization : International Commerce And Communications Essay

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Globalization: Option 1 Globalization is the theory of the quick and dynamic increase of international commerce and communications that has become commonplace in the world marketplace. This globalization though can cause challenges to the political structure of countries by the rapid spread of political ideologies. Globalization can also cause economic boons and hardships within developing nations that labor is exported to. Because of some of these financial detriments, countries can find themselves utilized as labor at unfair costs, both political and financial (Riemer, Simon, & Romance, 2014). While globalization is a process that will continue to engulf the globe, there are pros and cons to its ability to enhance the world’s economy.
Globalization Pros Globalization is the current standard for how business run today and it does not look like any change will happen in the future. There are some definite pros that come into play for economic globalization though. This increase in global commerce allows less developed countries to have more channels to increase exportation of their products, allowing for increased economic standing (Zhang, 2015). Globalization also has allowed smaller economic counties to increase their foothold on the global economy by doing labor for cheaper than more industrialized countries; this creates jobs and stimulates the economy of these smaller countries. This globalization also increases exposure to products and services that would not…

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