Globalization And The United States Essay

999 Words Feb 17th, 2016 4 Pages
Globalization and free trade in regards to the United States and the world has produced a significant challenge. The biggest for the United States for instance, is the off shoring of factory jobs, many of which used to be middle class status type jobs. Cities like Detroit have been decimated by this, whose job market and economy relied heavily on automobile assembly factories, which have been shipped to Mexico. Not only has the United States suffered with globalization but so has the third world. The factory type jobs that are being relocated to third world countries, are nothing but modern day slavery, and actually hurt the people in the countries. Capitalism without globalization I contend, has outgrown the United States because the biggest institution that helped the United States become an economic behemoth was slavery. Without slavery, capitalist will seek to fill its void, which is labor that cost next to nothing that in third world countries, this is evident in policies such as NAFTA and the proposed TPP agreement.
Globalization which goes hand and hand with development are two facades that capitalist give the general public to create the illusion that poor countries are progressing. However, development goes hand and hand with exploitation. With development a country’s progress in becoming independent is regressed and their economy becomes dependent on the exploitation of their citizens. For example, South Africa and their diamond mining industry. Globalization is…

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