Globalization And The Formation Have The United Nations Essay

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Globalization and the formation have the United Nations (UN) has brought about a legal international framework for addressing human rights. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the resulting conventions have created a body of international law that did not exist before. For example, whereas the Geneva Convention addressed the treatment of soldiers in wartime, no then existing body of law addressed the issue of stateless persons ie refugees. The creation by the UN of the International Criminal Court (ICC) provided an avenue for the prosecution of war criminals. Whereas the foregoing impacts have been beneficial to the cause of human rights, the globalization of the recent century has been detrimental to state sovereignty and individual rights. Although [x] asserts the preeminence of the individual over the state, the implementation of the conventions has imposed the international dominance of the UN over the individual. This causes a tension between the UN and other global entities, the national governments and citizens of these governments which must be resolved. How far should individual governments let international accords usurp their sovereign rights and in turn the rights of their citizens? Part of the backlash against globalization in certain communities in the US is the fear that the US government will allow international bodies such as the UN to impose laws that are contrary to the Constitution of the US through either the congress, regulations or judicial…

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