Un Charter And The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights Essay

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protections, there are "nine core international human rights treaties. Each of the treaties was monitored by a committee of experts in implementing the treaty provisions by member states. Some of the treaties were supplemented by optional protocols" to deal with specialized concerns (United Nations, 2010).
An emerging aspect of human rights is that international human rights law applies to multinational organizations and private-sector companies (Fariss, 2014). Some scholars argue that the treaties of the International Bill of Rights and the Universal
Declaration of Human Rights applies to the member states of the United Nations (Fariss, 2014; Murdie & Davis, 2012). Most legal experts, however, agree, and the International Court of Justice has adopted the philosophy that the legal requirements extend to every individual, every entity, and every organ of society; which excludes no one, no market, no company, and no cyberspace (Hamann, 2009; Jakobsson & Kotsadam, 2013; Murdie & Davis, 2012). Since the creation of the UN Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, governments of the member states have worked together and drawn a consensus for the protection of political, civil, social, labor, economic, cultural, protections against corruption, environmental rights, and human rights and have created several resolutions, protocols, covenants, and articles to protect such rights (Hancock, 2006; Ruggie, 2013).
Another aspect of human rights law that has developed…

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