Globalization And Its Impact On The Organization Of Social Life On A Global Scale

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Religion 110 Final

Globalization is a well known term used all around the world for many years, it has been around for many centuries, contributing to many different areas in societies worldwide. Before globalization, not a single western global society existed and not many people were a part of any developing global society.
Globalization is the expansion of global relationships and the organization of social life on a global scale. The world as we know it is a huge and wonderful place at times. Due to the sheer size of the globe, there are a variety of religions and cultures and they all have their own definition of the term globalization. Globalization definitions differ depending on what part of the world you’re from. Looking at globalization from a historic standpoint shows us how we’ve developed as people. Before technological advancements and the whole concept of globalization came about, societies were very much by themselves, they all had their own set of values, beliefs and ways of life. As human beings we have developed due to globalization. Human rights are an original product of globalization, as the current human rights practices that we used to follow are that of the Ancient Greeks. “It wasn 't until 1948 that the notion of universal, global human rights came to be the topic of discussion, with the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights” (Understanding Religion pg.19). From class notes and lectures, the first Axial age period was when the…

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