Globalization And Its Impact On Society Essay

1591 Words May 25th, 2016 null Page
As society becomes ever more connected we find ourselves being exposed to more culturally diverse media, and there is a one word answer for this, globalisation.

Too easily a peripheral investigation into whether globalisation encourages the production of culturally diverse media brings about anecdotal response. It may also focus a respondent on the word ‘globalisation’, interpreting that as a 21st century phenomenon. Thus key to exploring this question in an open yet thorough manner is to define when true globalisation happened or when the term entered the common vernacular. A separation must also be maintained between, if indeed globalisation acts as a catalyst for culturally diverse media production and the quality of said media. Thirdly a broader examination needs to be conducted. While a Hollywood blockbuster aired in a foreign country may be classified as culturally diverse, media produced by indigenous societies must also be tested to ensure a well-rounded analysis of the question can be addressed. Finally, copyright law determines how media is allowed to be used. In the litigious society we have become, has copyright moved the goal posts to far or do producers who claim fair use on copyrighted works need to give greater consideration to the definitions of such a statement when producing a remediation for public consumption.

The term globalisation may have entered the common vernacular in more recent times; however it would be hard to definitively contend…

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