Globalization And Its Effect On Society Essay

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Globalization The term globalization is defined by the Oxford dictionary as “the process by which businesses or other organizations develop international influence or start operating on an international scale”. However, the definition, by the nature of the word itself, is continually adapting as the world changes. Personally, when I think of globalization, I think of a global society - one united by a common economic model, a common government, and an intricate, vibrant, yet shared, culture; then again, perhaps I am merely imagining globalization at its most extreme; a world in which globalization has happened in every aspect of society.
Many debate over globalization’s positive versus negative effects. On one hand, it’s thought as possessing the ability to create wealthier societies and nations through commerce and international trade, and to spread knowledge and information across the globe. On the other, it can be perceived as not only contributing to worldwide wealth inequality, but as a harmful force that destroys traditional and native cultures through modernization. In addition to this destructive force, there is the idea that declining social, political, or economic conditions tempt people into the informal extremist networks such as ISIS, which terrorize and bomb civilians internationally. The infiltration of the extremist networks is evident across social media and the Internet; so, in a sense, terrorism becomes more globalized as globalization takes place. In…

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