Essay on Globalisation And The World System Theory

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To begin I feel it is important to define the term globalisation. It is described by Osterhammel and Petersson as “the development, concentration, and increasing importance of worldwide integration,” (Osterhammel & Petersson, 2003, p. 26). I take this definition to mean that globalisation is about how the world has come together as one and created interconnectedness between countries. Globalisation is a widely debated topic, especially by historians, so it is arguable whether we can speak of globalisation before 1500. In this essay I plan to discuss examples of globalisation before 1500 and come to a conclusion on whether these examples were in fact true representations of globalisation at this time. I then plan to use my arguments to conclude on whether globalisation occurred before or after 1500.
In order to look at globalisation I deem it is important to look at the World System theory. This theory “suggests that wealthy countries benefit from other countries and exploit those countries ' citizens.” (Boundless, 2014). This theory helps us to look at globalisation as a way in which countries are connected, through economic and social gains according to this source. This theory also shows us how countries rely on each other for trade in order to become wealthy. These capitalist trade links are an example of globalisation throughout history as trade has occurred from before 1500. However it is argued that the “world system” is not necessarily global as countries can be…

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