Globalisation and the Film Industry Essay

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Globalisation has significantly changed trends and patterns in the global film industry, at an estimated worth of $60 million annually film industry has become one of the most important in the creative businesses (Rosnan, H, Ismail, N.M., & Daud. N.M., 2010).

This research paper will cover the topic of the American film industry, globalisation and how globalisation has impacted on the change of the American film industry. I will also continue on to how the American film industry and its producers can integrate successfully internationally.
American Film Industry
America has the oldest film industry, and also the largest in revenue. It has had a profound effect on cinema across the world since the early 20th century.
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The recent trend in film production is the shift to producing in a location other than the filmmaker’s own country, that is, producing in a foreign location. Many producers are motivated to shoot films in a foreign country to take advantage of the cheaper production cost, in other words, to capitalise on (Rosnan, H., et al. 2010). US film makers is an example of this, producers have been shooting films in countries such as Canada and Mexico to take advantage of lower labour costs and other enticements provided by the host government.

Currently, due to the increase in producers shooting in foreign nations, many countries are shifting towards attracting overseas producers to shoot at their country to benefit from the externalities associated with foreign operations. Factors that influence these foreign film production locations are the cheap labour costs as mentioned previously, as well as favourable exchange rates, attractive location, beneficial tax incentive, and other terms the host country offers (Rosnan, H., et al. 2010).
American Film Industry Succeeding Internationally
The next part of this paper will focus on the US producer’s intent to succeed internationally. It will cover four main topics, which the US should implement appropriately to be able to succeed across the globe. The four topics are, the involvement in filmmaking, film consumption, film production, and lastly,

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