Global Warming: The Negative Effects Of Climate Change In Canada

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Global Warming

Teya Sharir

Social Studies 11
Mr. Dignum

Global warming is a significant issue, which could cause numerous negative effects on Canada. This could include severe damaging to the environment, along with the endangerment of the health of future generations. Climate change is not only harmful and could produce a few beneficial impacts as well including increasing the farm and agriculture production, and assisting the health of Canadians as the temperatures increase. The government of Canada has both effectively reduced the effects of global warming, as well as negatively contributed to this world issue. ADD MORE?

Global warming is already having a major
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The Canadian government has “invested more than $10 billion in green infrastructure, energy efficiency, clean energy technologies, cleaner fuels and smarter grids” (Government of Canada, 2015). Over time, this will have a great impact on the future of Canada. The investments put towards helping Canadians adapt to global warming and the altering of the climate, would increase the health and comfort of Canadians. “Since 2006, the government has invested $235 million in domestic adaptation initiatives to improve our understanding of climate change and help Canadians plan for climate impacts” (Government of Canada). The Canadian government is significantly trying to make Canada into a more ecologically friendly country by making an effort to reduce and regulate greenhouse gas emissions. As well as acting on the issues of climate change, the government of Canada is investing in Canada’s changing environment and its Canadians for the preparation of the effects of global …show more content…
Again, there are also positive effects that climate change could bring to Canada, such as the increase of farm and agriculture production, and global warming could also bring the benefits of a warmer region to the health of Canadians. The Canadian government is already setting regulations and rules district wide, in order to lessen greenhouse gasses in the environment. They are also investing towards Canada in an effort to lessen the number of changes made by global warming, as well as investing in Canadians, in attempt to lessen the impact of climate change. The Government of Canada is efficiently dealing with the issue of global warming, though further actions are needed in order to thoroughly and sufficiently support Canada through climate change, or decrease the influence of this harmful

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