Global Warming Is The Gradual Rise Of The Earth 's Temperature Within The Atmosphere

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Zaynab Abdullahi
CHEM 1700-91
CO2 Emissions
Global warming is the gradual rise of the earth’s temperature within the atmosphere. The rise of heat is due to the greenhouse effect, which is caused by increased levels of Carbon dioxide. The earth already produces CO2 in different ways, but too much of it is harmful and causes global warming. There are many things that contribute to the cause of global warming, which affects human lives and health in many ways . Scientist’s agree that the main cause of global warming are human activities. Almost all modern technology produces CO2, as well the human body. As the the population increases, there is more CO2 being emitted because of the technology age we live in and the more resources we need. I chose CO2 emissions because it is an issue that is always being discussed but not much is being done to stop it.
Climate change is a natural process that has always existed, the earth has always warmed and cooled throughout history. But the climate should not be changing as drastically as it currently is. Climate change is so drastic because of humans contribution to it, which became significant in the 20th century. Till this day CO2 emissions are rising at a rapid pace. In this article I read it stated that; “Atmospheric CO2 concentration begun to grow at the time of the industrial Revolution and has been rising speedily since 1900” (1). This growth is in ratio to the usage of fossil fuels (such as coal gas).
Carbon dioxide is vital…

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