Global Warming Is An Unstoppable Theory Essay

1180 Words Nov 5th, 2016 5 Pages
Do you ever wonder what our world will be like in fifty years? Thanks to global warming, which is a gradual increase of the earth’s overall temperature, many believe that our whole world will be suffering. Global warming is a controversial theory, which means some people believe in it, but others don’t . Even though some people do not believe in the causes of global warming, we can see that it has already made a tremendous impact on the earth. Based on the negative effects, we can see that global warming is an unstoppable theory, proven to be true. Al Gore explains in his book Our Choice that humans play a large factor in causing global warming. Everything we do produces carbon dioxide. Every time humans burn material, they release carbon dioxide into the air. The biggest sources of carbon dioxide are coal, oil, and gas. These fossil fuels are used every day, mainly for transportation (Gore). We have already sent a lot of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and we can see the obvious results. ***explain what carbon dioxide does to environment later in effects*** Gore also adds in that when people use a stove, methane gas is released into the air. Animals also release methane into the air. Less methane is released than carbon dioxide, but methane does more damage. According to a website “What Causes Global Warming,” both carbon dioxide and methane are produced from the breakdown of food and vegetation.*trapping heat* Daily products, such as hairspray and…

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