What Are The Effects Of Global Warming Persuasive Essay

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Do you ever wonder what our world will be like in fifty years? Thanks to global warming, which is a gradual increase of the earth’s overall temperature, many believe that our whole world will be suffering. Global warming is a controversial theory, which means some people believe in it, but others don’t . Even though some people do not believe in the causes of global warming, we can see that it has already made a tremendous impact on the earth. Based on the negative effects, we can see that global warming is an unstoppable theory, proven to be true. Al Gore explains in his book Our Choice that humans play a large factor in causing global warming. Everything we do produces carbon dioxide. Every time humans burn material, they release …show more content…
One simple thing everyone can do is cut beef from their diet. If you don’t eat that half pound hamburger, you save 8 pounds of greenhouse gasses. This is mainly because cows produce a large amount of methane gas. The beef industry is about ten times more harmful to the environment than any other meat production. Other simple things like finishing all of your food, buying local goods, unplugging plugs from the wall, and replacing light bulbs with energy saving light bulbs could save our environment a little at a time. Our government has many organizations to help prevent global warming, but without the public’s help, will they stop it fast enough? Scientists predict that there will be a tipping point where global warming can not get any worse. Ice will become dark which will release methane and the planet will become darker. People often debate global warming’s causes, like Trump for example who believes in global warming, but thinks it is a hoax plotted by China. He has stated that he believes in weather. And that is changes. However, he does not believe that it is a very large problem. So, if people can see the obvious effects, why do they not think global warming is a large problem? Sometimes I wonder if people are just waiting for the world to blow up until they do something about this. Even our Pope has called for action. He prays for the human

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