Global Warming And Its Effects On The Environment Essay

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Background Lomborg stated that greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere cause global warming. However while global warming is a problem, Lomborg believes that its total impact will not have a devastating effect on humanity’s future. Lomborg’s claim is an important topic as it relates to global warming and the ecosystems affected by the extra heat. This heat is caused when the greenhouse gases that are emitted by various sources linger in the atmosphere. While these gases stay in the atmosphere, they will interfere with the energy that enters and leaves earth. Normally, the sun releases long-wave energy that hits earth’s surface and our average albedo of 30% (NASA, 2011) will send 30% of the sun’s energy back into space as short-wave energy. However, this short-wave energy will be intercepted by the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and reflected by to earth. The reflected energy is what warms up our planet enough so that the earth can sustain life. But since the industrial revolution, we began to burn fossil fuels at a faster rate and we have increased the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide from 280 ppm to 387 ppm (Rockstrom, 2009). The extra carbon in the atmosphere is trapping more of the short-wave energy on earth, thus causing the planet to heat up more and in turn pushing ecosystems closer to their limits.

This issue fits into the context of the course due to the fact if the global temperature were to rise too high, it…

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