Global Warming And Its Effect On Earth 's Atmosphere Essay

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In recent decades, the world has become increasingly aware of Global Warming. Carbon Dioxide 's effect on Earth 's atmosphere has been well documented and established. The Ozone layer is now a concern of most of the educated peoples in the world. Even though people are largely aware of the problem, it does not seem as though humanity has succeeded in ending the processes by which CO2 emissions break down the Ozone Layer protecting the planet. In fact, the response of many-in the United States in particular- has been to disregard environmental concerns and allow future generations to deal with the climate crisis. Although unsuccessful in solving the problems caused by CO2 emissions, studies continue. Research has revealed an important helper in the fight to contain Carbon on Earth instead of in the atmosphere- the Boreal Forest Biome.
It is important to understand the role that the Boreal Forest Biome plays in protecting the world from more rapid Carbon emissions. According to Peter B. Reich and others, "Boreal forests play key roles in global carbon cycling, so developing accurate ecosystem understanding is critical for improved carbon cycle modeling" (Reich et al., 2014). This biome sequesters upwards of 50% of the world 's above ground Carbon (Neigh et al., 2013). The process of sequestration (or more simply- storage) is demonstrated by Figure 1. Due to the Carbon cycle, Carbon is constantly being released into the atmosphere through decomposition and root respiration,…

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