Global Warming And Environmental Effects

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Global warming is the gradual rise in the temperature of the earth’s surface, oceans and atmosphere. Global warming is caused by the Greenhouse Effect, which humans are responsible for. Due to the burning of fossil fuels, there has been an increase of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gasses in the earth’s atmosphere and because of this the suns heat becomes trapped and cannot escape through the earth’s atmosphere which in turn causes our planet to heat up. Increased rainfall, droughts and floods are also a product of global warming and natural disasters such as El-Niño and hurricanes are becoming more frequent.
Every year the earth’s temperature gets slightly warmer. Records show that since the 1900’s the earth’s temperature has warmed by 0.8°C.
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Coastal habitats are often located closely to population centres and industries making them highly vulnerable to impacts such as degraded water quality and coastal development.
Coastal habitats such as estuaries provide coastal protection and function as pathways and filters for fresh water, pollutants, nutrients and soil particles. They also act as nurseries and breeding grounds for fish and crabs and allow for organisms to migrate between marine and fresh water environments. Estuaries provide a vital connection between the land and sea.
Rising sea levels will increase the movement of salt water into fresh water ecosystems. It will also affect coastal erosion and sediment build-up which will have a negative effect on most of the fresh water organisms living in these fresh water ecosystems.
The most unique characteristic of an estuary is the mixing of salt and fresh water. If rainfall and flooding patters were to change it would have a huge impact on estuarine and other coastal habitats. The fresh water flow for these habitats are determined by the size, timing and variability of rain events. Nutrients, soils and pollutants will end up in these ecosystems because of the downstream flow of the water through the river

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