Global Environment Essay

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In recent years, researchers, governments, and scientists have been rapidly discussing the effects of global climate change and its accelerated environmental impacts on present and future generations. This information has led to joint international cooperation aimed at educating society as well as solving cultural barriers related to climate change. This action seeks to promote ethical and moral principles as solutions. However, it is important to understand that many international organizations including the United Nations, government and non-governmental organizations are very concerned about the global impact of environmental pollution, climate change, degradations, loss of biodiversity, loss of habitat for endangered species, and deforestation. …show more content…
Such declaration creates increasing pressure on government around the world to focus on sustainable development that seeks to prevent deforestation and environmental pollution, racism and degradations. Finally, understanding environmental management plays a significant role in resources management. Therefore, a government should understand that depletion of nature resources will have a negative impact for future generation and as such an ethical framework of and natural resource reform policy is needed to promote sustainable development initiatives. Government should outlines the need for environmental justice and a renew calls for ethical method for adaptation. These policies amplification should take into consideration national and international policies, particularly with to regard to natural resource management, ethical objectives such as prioritizing the needs sustainable development, environmental justice and fairness. To achieve this, government and international partners should recognize that our planet, with carrying capacity is under pressure and the they should quickly identify our generation have the ability through means to confront changes through ethical understanding and a transformational

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