The Importance Of International Environmental Management

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Over the course of the three decades, the issue of environmental management has emerged in international debates while at the same time, countless numbers of research continues to revealed facts about pollutions, deforestation, loss of biodiversity ecological degradation and the list goes on. However, this problem has manifested into a global dabate, thus giving birth to implementation international environmental law, bilateral agreement, as well as conferences on environmental management. For example, in order to promote a comprehensive international policy that strengthen environmental protection, Ved P. Nanda and George Pring, authors of International Environmental Law and Policy for the 21st Century recognizes the importance for governments …show more content…
Finding the solution to these problems have been handicapped by the economic impact of international trade globally. However, as a natural resources based economy, it is possible for nations to adopt sustainable measures that promote economic growth and development. To do this, environmental protection should serve as a hall mark for a policy framework that can be examined properly and integrated into an inclusive strategy of sustainable economic development. For example, Joseph R. Desjardins author of Environmental Ethics provides a clear explanation about sustainable development and how a nation adopt sustainable measures that protects their environment and preserves their resources. The author writes “sustainable living and sustainable development will require a changed economy and a changed society. They will also require substantially closing the economic gap between wealthy industrialized countries and the poor developing world”( Desjardins 91, 2013). As Desjardins puts it, i think that governments focus on implementing the necessary reforms that take into consideration effective forest management program, preservation measures, education awareness about population that creates overconsumption as well as taking ethical decision to manage the environment. This will help government to around the world to focus on preserving natural resources while at the same time implementing sustainable measures that seek to protects their

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