Essay on Global Education Is Important Part Of Many Countries

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Technology development have lead to a globalise world which citizens are more connected that ever before in human history. Affordability of physical movements and availability of online transmission means that information and resources are now highly mobile, and that individuals need to now complete with people from all over the world. To prepare students for entering this highly competitive society as competent global citizens, it is crucial for educators to implement comprehensive global perspectives into the curriculum. Traditional focus on the literacy and numeracy skills are still highly valued, but no longer enough to meet the next generation’s learning need in preparation to step in the globalised society. Global education now forms an important part of many countries’ education agenda and the importance of global education is increasingly being valued.

Global education is relevant across all learning area and its main goal is to enable students to become active, open-minded and competent citizen who together can lead the world to a better place. Global education emphasis the interdependence of the shared society and elements crucial to make this shared society better, like the concept of sustainability, cultural diversity, social justice, peace building, and ensuring human rights. A definition from the Council of Europe’s North-South Centre for global education is an ‘education that opens people’s eyes and minds to the realities of the world, and awakens them to…

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