Global Dimensions Of Business Ethics Essay

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The Global Dimensions of Business Ethics The headquarters of XYZ Construction Inc. is established in Denver, Colorado. The corporation is spread throughout the United States encompassing16 district offices. The company employs 2,300 full time workers with an upwelling of nearly 4,500 part time workers during the pinnacle construction cycles. The company originated in the late 1950’s as a privately owned family business. XYZ Construction, Inc. performs horizontal construction with specialties in: Roads, Bridges, and Airfields (Klinger, 2012). Most recently, the family has decided to expand the company into the public sector within a one year period. Presently, the company’s main source of financial stability is from State and local government contracts. To expand the business means becoming a global business aand endeavor new cultural challenges. Therefore, the function of this paper is to examine and consider cultural diversity coupled with social and ethical issues associated when expanding into the global marker, specifically, the Asian market. Also, we will determine if this venture into the Asian market will be short-term or a long-term business venture. Cultural Diversity XYZ Construction Inc. must learn the Asian culture so that nothing will be offensive; such things are the importance of different colors, lettering, and even certain pictures. Culture diversity is considered a huge asset to any company…

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