Giovanni 's Room By James Baldwin Essays

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In the novel Giovanni’s Room written by James Baldwin, David, the protagonist struggles with expressing his true identity as a homosexual male. David grew up without his mother, and was raised by his father and aunt. Throughout David’s life, his father expressed the importance for him to become a man of masculinity. While David’s father desired for him to become a man, he never explicitly express to David what it takes to become/be a man. Moreover, David’s father was never there for David to talk to, and some instances he would even hide from his son. Through life experiences with his Dad, David began to grow separate from his father and dislike him because of the lack of physical and emotional care provided to him, high expectations put forth upon him to become a man, and his father inability to support him as a homosexual male. Throughout the first chapter, David and his father’s relationship is uncovered as distant. In the text David states, “He would be reading his newspaper, hidden from me behind his newspaper, so that, desperate to conquer his attention, I sometimes so annoyed him that our duel ended with me being carried from the room in tears” (Baldwin, 1956, pg. 91). In other words, David as a kid needed attention and his father was not there to provide him with the proper love and affection. As a result, this has caused David to feel inadequate and began a life of wanting to feel accepted. Moreover, his father lack of acknowledgement for him as a kid has caused…

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